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I'm Matt Biocich, a Perth based Creative Photographer and Stylist. Specialising in commercial imagery since 2009, whether with a camera in hand, or wearing my stylist’s cap, I love to evolve design concepts, create and strategise with clients. My focus is on capturing artful and meaningful ways to engage with the real world. My tertiary studies in Art direction has shaped my creative process in Photography and storytelling.  I really enjoy engaging in visual communication, whether it's conceptual, editorial, architectural, commercial projects, or capturing the narrative of someone's special day. I am proficient in art direction, technical lighting, digital image manipulation, grading and styling. When I’m not in the studio, (or caught in a Pinterest vortex), you may find me trying my hand at ceramics and or adding to my own space.


BA (Creative Advertising)
BA (Design Photography)



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Say hello or for any other enquiries, feel free to get in touch with me at    |   0439 966 772.


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